NXP ICode SLIX Series

The ICODE SLIX IC is a dedicated chip for intelligent label applications such as libraries, product authentication in different industries such as pharmaceutical, medical devices and alcohol, as well as production management in different areas of the industry. This IC is the third generation of a product family of smart label ICs based on the ISO standards ISO/IEC 15693 (Ref. 1) and ISO/IEC 18000-3 (Ref. 4), prolonging a successful story of NXP in the field of vicinity identification systems.

The ICODE system offers the possibility of operating labels simultaneously in the field of the reader antenna (anticollision). It is designed for long range applications.

AL025025C1H Label

Standard Label Size: 25x25mm

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AL040040C1H Label

Standard Label Size: D40mm

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AL049081C1H Label

Standard Label Size: 49x81mm

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AL050050C2H Label

Standard Label Size: 50x50mm

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AL117117C1H Label

Standard Label Size: D117mm

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